Hugh Howey Wool – Just read it ,the best post apocalyptic / dystopic book for years

Indie author made big , Hugh Howey’s Wool , his first book sold to a publisher, shows why this guy managed to do so well up to now without a publisher. He is living proof that if your work is good enough you can make a living self publishing these days( and the publishing houses will then beat down your door begging for your services)

Wool is quite simply brilliant. From start to end it is enjoyable. Its characters are brilliantly drawn , the entire premise is imaginative yet scarily plausible . Jules is a brilliant central character who you can’t help rooting for.

I read this tentatively because of the buzz around it but was not disappointed for even a moment.

Its not the new Hunger Games as I heard described , I found it a little closer to Philip K Dicks The Penultimate Truth but its completely original in most respects.

I have to give it a resounding 5 out of 5 as I loved every second of reading it. One of the best Scifi books I’ve picked up in a long time and a must read for all   , not just Scifi fans.

There is also two additional parts to read so well worth getting started on.


About Paul Walsh

I'm a big fan of fantasy and scifi, which would make up most of my reading but will branch out often enough. Favourite authors vary over time but generally include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Conn Iggulden, Robert Harris, Karen Maitlan, Kate Mosse, Anne Rice, Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury. John Scalzi, Mark Lawrence, Pat Rothfuss and a host of others. I'm not the harshest reviewer but will note down a few words on all books I read.
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