Blue Remembered Earth Review

Fantastically Imagined Future World

This is a book which on initial release was off my radar for some reason or other and it has a sequel coming out quite soon moving towards a trilogy.

One of the main things to strike me about the book is the madness of the plot. Its a bit nonsensical and full of major strokes of impossible luck to keep the book moving forward. The whole thing is kept at a good pace but seems a tad simplistic for  what otherwise is a Hard Sci fi novel. The whole thing is basically a treasure hunt in a supposedly Utopian future.

In saying that this is not a major issue on the whole as the brilliance of the book is not the Plot but the world building and set up of the trilogy. The plot allows the author to bring you on a guided tour of his future and while a lot of it is centred on East Africa the politics and world are layed out fantastically. The background is amazingly well imagined, even if the story itself is a tad lacking.

It is great to see a Scifi book which is Afro centric in its approach and Reynolds has a fantastic and oddly believable way of laying out the future. If the plots of the follow-ups or a bit more engaging and expansive following on on the fantastic world building it could be a fantastic trilogy.





About Paul Walsh

I'm a big fan of fantasy and scifi, which would make up most of my reading but will branch out often enough. Favourite authors vary over time but generally include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Conn Iggulden, Robert Harris, Karen Maitlan, Kate Mosse, Anne Rice, Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury. John Scalzi, Mark Lawrence, Pat Rothfuss and a host of others. I'm not the harshest reviewer but will note down a few words on all books I read.
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