Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Was looking forward to this book anyway and have it preordered but this review makes me want it more

Wilder's Book Review


In Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart, we are introduced to a world where life as we know it has been forever altered by Calamity, the bright red sun or comet became a permanent fixture in the sky. Since it’s appearance, the other change to the world was Epics. People that suddenly have a variety of unique powers that all defy physics, explanation or understanding. The common thread these Epics have, besides the scientific implausibility of what they can do, is their disinterest and mistreatment of humans.

Our story centers in just one city of what is now known as the Fractured States. Newcago , which pre-Calamity, used to be known as Chicago, is a place void of light, happiness and normalcy. And this is one of the better towns. One epic, Nightwielder, keeps the city in perpetual darkness. Neither sun nor star shines down for the people of Newcago.The reigning Epic…

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I'm a big fan of fantasy and scifi, which would make up most of my reading but will branch out often enough. Favourite authors vary over time but generally include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Conn Iggulden, Robert Harris, Karen Maitlan, Kate Mosse, Anne Rice, Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury. John Scalzi, Mark Lawrence, Pat Rothfuss and a host of others. I'm not the harshest reviewer but will note down a few words on all books I read.
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