Interview with Den Patrick

Only read Orcs so far but all worth a look

Wilder's Book Review

Den Patrick is an up and coming debut author from Gollancz, with his debut novel out next year. But first, he has a series of novella-esque books called the “War Manuals” collectively, all coming from Gollancz and released this year. A mixture of classical fantasy tropes with Den’s distinctively dry brand of humour, they’re a must-read for fantasy fans. Read on to find out a little bit more about everything Mr. Patrick is up to in the coming months…


9780575132771Hi Den, and welcome to Wilders Book Review!


So, first up, give us three words that best describe the War Manuals 

Just three? How about Fictional non-fiction?

Can you give us a little more detail on the series and how you came to writing it? 

The idea is that each book is an instructional manual from the world of Naer Evain, a classic…

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I'm a big fan of fantasy and scifi, which would make up most of my reading but will branch out often enough. Favourite authors vary over time but generally include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Conn Iggulden, Robert Harris, Karen Maitlan, Kate Mosse, Anne Rice, Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury. John Scalzi, Mark Lawrence, Pat Rothfuss and a host of others. I'm not the harshest reviewer but will note down a few words on all books I read.
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